Your summer program – just you and 15min!

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This is your summer program!

This is a 15 minutes workout with 8 exercises and no equipment needed – no excuses!

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Exercise 1: Skipping rope – 3 minutes.

It might look incredibly easy, but we promise you that it’s a pain!

Pretend that you have a jump rope in your hands. (If you have one at home, or any rope, you can of course use this instead of pretending!). Move your hands and arms the same way you do as when you jump rope, and jump up and down to the same rhythm as your arms.

To think about: Be sure to be light on your feet and jump on the ball of your feet.

Challenge: Higher jump & turn rope dubble speed.



Exercise 2: Mountain climber – 2 x 1 minute.

Using a step or low bench place your hands on the step,  shoulder width apart. Extend your legs in a straight line from the step,  so that your body is in one line from your shoulder, hips and ankles. Bring in one knee toward the step and switch knee with a little jump.

To think about: Hands should be placed directly under your shoulders and aim to keep your body in one line avoiding to lift up your hips and buttock. Pull in your belly button a little to engage your core.

Challenge yourself: Perform 2 rounds where both feet are touching the floor and the other 2 rounds with the pulled in foot “in the air”.



Exercise 3: Dips – 2 x 10 times.

Sit on a stair, a step or a chair. Place your hands slightly under your buttock. Lift your buttock off the chair/step and keep your legs a little bent, while you slowly lower your buttock toward the floor by bending the arms. Extend your arms and come up to the starting position.

To think about: Keep your hands close together, not wider than shoulder width apart and aim to keep your elbows pointing to the wall behind you. Keep your shoulders away from your ears.

Challenge yourself: Extend your legs completely in front of you or place them on a small step or elevation to make it harder.



Exercise 4: Wall sit – 2 x 1 minute.

Simple, yet so effective – and you can do it anywhere in the house! Glide down the wall with your shoulders and buttock in contact with the surface, feet hip width apart. Your legs should now be in a 90 degree angle and toes a little in front of your knee caps. 

To think about: Open up your chest and keep a strong posture when you are sitting against the wall. No slouching!

Challenge yourself: Stay down for longer and /or alternate by lifting your legs as you simulate “walking”. It’s a killer but it does amazing things for your thighs, believe us!!!



Exercise 5: Push ups – 2 x 10 times.

Place hands on the floor a bit wider than your shoulders and knees or feet on the floor. Again pull in your navel a little and lower down your hips. Slowly bend your arms and bring your body (also your hips and abdominals) towards the floor stopping when your arms have reached a 90 degree angle and slowly extending arms up again. 

To think about: Shoulders relaxed away from your ears and keep your neck straight in alignment with your spine.

Challenge yourself: Remember a slow resistance move is always more effective than a fast one.



Exercise 6: Lunges – 2 x 10 on each leg.

Stand with feet hip width apart and take a large step back with one foot. Lower both legs so that they now are close to or at 90 degree angle at the knee. Slowly go up and down with your upper body, keeping your upper body straight. Do two repetitions on one leg and then switch leg.

To Think about: Keep your upper body nice and straight and engage your core by pulling in your belly button toward your spine.

Challenge yourself: Take some filled water bottles or weights in both hands.



Exercise 7: Plank commander – 2 x 10 times.

Place your elbows under your shoulders and your knees on the floor. Tilt your pelvis down so that your knees, hips and shoulders is in one line. Slowly place one hand where your elbow was and then the other hand. Walk back the same way. Perform 5 of these “walks” then change to let the other hand lead for another 5 “walks”.

To think about: Relax your shoulders and tuck in your belly button towards your spine.

Challenge: Perform the same exercise on your feet.



Exercise 8: Bicycle crunch – 2 x 20 times.

Lie on your back and lift your legs up to a 90 degrees angle. Lift your chest and hold your hands to your ears. Straighten your left leg out as you twist your upper body towards the opposite, right, lifted leg. Switch by straightening out your right leg and twisting your body towards your left side. Switch sides 20 times.

To think about: Make sure to keep your lower back down toward the ground.

Challenge: Keep your legs close to the ground as you lower them.




Wishing you a fabulous & active summer,

Charlotte & Mia

  1. Wendy Farden

    This is perfect! Love the simplicity. Thank you for posting.

    Thank you for a great year! Have a great summer.


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