Summer Tabata Workout

Keep your body moving over the holidays with our 30 minutes NO EQUIPMENT high intensity Tabata Workout!!!
  • Do each Tabata set listed below for 20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest. Continue for 4 minutes alternating between the two exercises of the set.
  • After continue with the next set of two exercises.
  • After the 5th and last set you can repeat from beginning for longer workout.
  • Cool down and stretch.
Tabata Workout:
  1. 5 minutes of warm up with light cardio (e.g. skip roping, jogging...)
  2. Mountain climber & Triceps dips
  3. Star jumps & Push ups (full or on knees)
  4. High knee (running in one place) & Plank
  5. Burpees & Plank commander
  6. Squat (or squat jumps) & Sit ups
Need motivating music? Try to look at Spotify’s Tabata options e.g. Tabata Mixtape
Have fun. Keep moving.
Happy summer from Pulse Fitness ❤

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