Wishing all our Pulse participants a wonderful & active holiday!

Your 5 exercises that will keep you fit this summer. All you need is a bench, step or stairs. And 20 minutes!

1/ Legs, Buttock & Core

Stand in front of a bench or a stair.

Place one foot on the bench and step up lifting your other leg to your chest, extending your standing leg on the bench.

Slowly place the foot down again.

Make sure to keep your upper body upright. 

Repeat 12 times or more and then change leg. 3 rounds!

You are allowed to smile too......

2/ Push-ups

Place your hands on the bench a little wider apart than your shoulders.

Extend your body so you are in a straight position from your shoulders hips & to your feet.

Slowly bend your arms until the angle at your elbow joint is 90 degrees. Extend the arms. 8-12 repetitions. 3 rounds:-))

3/ Dips

Sit down on the bench. Place your hands partly under your buttock on the bench, extend your legs in front of you.

Slowly lift your buttock off the bench and dip down your buttock toward the ground by bending the arms.

Come up by extending the arms. That's one repetition.

Your arms would love you if you did 8-12repetitions. And 3 rounds!

4/ Reverse Lunge

Face away from the bench and place one foot on the bench.

Take a large step forward with your other leg away from the bench.

Keeping your body upright, slowly lower your body down toward the ground.

Aim to reach a 90 degree angle on both legs before extending up again.

Perform 10-15 repetitions on each leg, the last 5 with small pulses at the lowest point.

Change leg. 3 Rounds is great for strong toned thighs!


5/ Plank

Place your hands or your elbows on the bench straight under your shoulders.

Extend your body and pull in your bellybutton toward your spine to work your abdominals.

Stay in this position for 5-20 seconds. Stand up for 5 seconds then come down again. 6-8 repetitions, 3 rounds.

Option to pull in one knee to your elbow and extending it 4-6 times on each leg.


A special thank you to our photographer Sandra for these images from Hornbaek!



We look forward to seeing you back with us in the first week of September.

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  1. Mandi Ashmore

    I will never look at a lovely beach bench quite the same!!! Also love seeing Shadow completely disinterested in the background! Well done girls you both look beach body perfect! Off to find a bench!

  2. Wendy Farden

    Inspirational! Looking good ladies! Just got back from doing a little running/bootcamping in the Sauvebelin woods. Heading to hot and humid Minnesota tomorrow and I will be looking for a bench early in the day!

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