The Program for the Fall Term is here!

Secure your spot and book your class/es now.

To see the full program go into "Classes" on our website.

The term starts on Monday the 4th of Sept finishing on the 15th of Dec.

Limited spaces!


For SPINNING classes email Charlotte:

For PILATES, BOOTCAMP & BODY SCULPT book on-line on our webpage.


We would love to have your booking by Friday the 30th of June.

Thank you!

Charlotte & Maria



NEW CLASS : Body Sculpt & TRX

TRX is a fun and efficient tool to workout the main muscles in your body.

TRX is a suspension training band with no elasticity (unlike elastic bands) where you use your body weight to challenge your arms, shoulders, abdominals, back & legs to a stronger & leaner body. Simple but very efficient- anyone can join.
The workout will also include using small balls, weights & mats.

Training will be in a new studio in Paudex on Friday mornings 10-11.
Max participants of 8 - so book your spot soon here on our webpage.

TRX- the handles you will love!
See you soon, Maria.

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