SHOW OFF TONED ARMS & SHOULDERS THIS SUMMER – 5 effective moves in 15 minutes!

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Investing just 15 minutes 3 times per week during 4-6 weeks will give your arms more toning, strength & a firmer look . 

In order to achieve this, you will need to work beyond your comfort zone, so the last set of 10 repetitions should be a challenge to complete.

Perform every exercise with 3 sets of 10 repetitions, so in total 30 repetitions/exercise. Allow yourself a small break of 10-30 seconds in between sets.

All you need is an elastic band preferably with handles but it works fine without too. And why not go outside and enjoy the nice weather while you are working out ?

Going on holiday ? No problem! Elastic bands are light, take no space and is an excellent & inexpensive workout tool  !











Stand with feet hip width apart with the elastic band under your feet.

Bend your legs slightly and grab the elastic with your hands on either side of your body. Keep your core contracted.

Keeping your arms a little bent  lift them up to reach shoulder height (not further). Slowly bring the arms down again.


Repeat 10 times then a small pause followed by another 10 reps, a break then the last 10 reps.


For a challenge go slower on the way down and/or do 3 small pulses at the top every time.

The more you extend the arms away from your body, the more challenge for your shoulders.






Stand with your feet shoulder width apart  with the elastic band under your feet. Bend your legs a little and lean forward from the hip, keeping your back flat & your belly button tucked in.


Cross the band in front of you and pull it back with your arms bent, lifting your elbows up & squeezing the shoulder blades together. Avoid lifting your shoulders here as this will cause tension around your neck. Slowly lower the elastic to start position. Repeat 10 times (=1 set) and complete 3 sets.


To challenge this move do 3 small pulses at the top and/or grab a little lower down on the elastic, so you have less band between your hands and feet.







Stand with your feet a little apart and take a small step forward with one foot. Pull in your abdominals a little to avoid arching your back.


Grab the elastic band with your top arm and place your hand on the same shoulder.  Grab the other end of the elastic band with your other arm and let it rest on your lower back. The band should now be tight between your hands.

Now slowly extend your top arm completely so it is pointing straight up. Slowly bend the arm again. Keep your arm & elbow close to your head both when extending and bending your arm.

Perform 10 repetitions then change arm. Complete 3 sets. As you are working one arm at a time, there is no need for a rest in between changing arm:-)


Challenge your triceps by tightening the band between your hands and/or slowing down the move . You can also do small punches at the top of the movement.







Stand with feet hip with apart, legs a little bent and the elastic band under your feet. Grab onto the end of the band with each hand.

Keeping the elbows a little away from your body, slowly bend both arms to a 90 degree angle, and slowly lower the band. Repeat 10 x and perform in total 3 sets.

To challenge this move you can :

  • triple pulse at the top 
  • at the top rotate your arms out to either side, opening your shoulders
  • single arm raise with both handles in one hand






Stand with feet hip width apart in front of a tree or similar where you can safely hock on the elastic band. 

Now stand quite close to the band and grab onto each end of the band with your hands. Pull down the band so that your arms are in a 90 degree angle at the elbow. keeping your elbows fixed and close to your body slowly extend your arms from 90 degree angle so that your hands reach the outside of your thighs. Go back to the starting position.


Perform 10 repetitions and in total 3 sets.


To challenge your triceps adjust the band higher up and/or perform the exercise with both handles in one hand.


  1. Mandi Ashmore

    well done Maria!! I just did your exercises and they are great. Highly recommend it and it goes so quickly! Hope my arms benefit! X

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