Your 5 most beneficial Post Skiing Stretches

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These 5 simple poses will help relieve tension and soreness after a long day of skiing when your muscles are tight and exhausted. They will also increase your mobility to enhance your technique and protect your joints while on the slopes.


 Benefits:  Hips, inner thighs, waist stretch.

  1. On a standing position, step back with your left foot and turn the left heel out.
  1. Lean your torso forward with the arms actively extended by your sides. Reach your right arm down towards the floor, either place your hand on your shin, or for more intensity slide your hand down to the ground to the inside of your right foot.

   3. Use each exhalation to open the left hip further towards the sky. Press your shoulder blades together and down your back for a deeper         chest expansion.  Hold for a few deep breaths. Switch sides


Benefits: Upper back, arms and shoulders stretch.

1. Come onto all fours with your shoulders over your wrists and your hips over your knees. Walk your hands forward a few inches.

2. As you exhale, move your hips back and up, keeping your back straight. Keep your arms active and reach forward through fingertips.

3. Drop your forehead to the floor or on a pillow and let your neck relax fully.

Puppy pose


Benefits: Hip flexors, inner thighs stretch.

1. In a kneeling position, step forward with your right foot, shift your weight forward and align your knee with your ankle. Actively press your hips down towards the ground.

2. Keep pressing your hips forward and down as you lift your arms overhead.

3. With each exhale relax into the stretch and aim to release the tightness around your hip. Switch sides.

Half split

Benefits: Hamstrings, calves stretch

1. Get into your hip-opener position, hands to either side of your front foot. Push your hips back, extending your front leg. Ground your front heel and point toes up.

2. Gently round and point your toes and then flatten your spine while flexing your foot. Holding each position for a couple breaths. Switch sides.

Benefits: Quadriceps, knee and hip flexor stretch

1. With your knees hip width apart sit back onto your heels. Place your hands by your feet and lift your hips toward the sky.

2. Open your chest and keep your abdominals tights and glutes engaged to protect your lower back.

3. To intensify the stretch, keep one arm down and reach the opposite arm towards your supporting hand.

Quadricep stertch

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