Spinning Marathon

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Join the Spinning Marathon in Pully!



Welcome back! Are you ready for a new and exciting term with lots of fun activities that will help you get in super good shape?! Now is the time to get in shape for ski season!

Our first big event this season will be to join the 15th edition of the annual Spin Marathon in Pully. It’s for all fitness levels – spinners or non-spinners, and will take place November 1st from 9am – 6pm.



Imagine this: 130 bikers in one room, a large variety of international instructors, amazing music, massage, food, drinks and fitness check-ups. We are putting together a Pulse Team where you will have the option to sign up for different time durations. The options are:

  1. Book the bike for the whole day, where you have the freedom to jump on and off the bike as you please. You will have the luxury of choosing your favorite instructors and have breaks when you like. CHF 200/bike
  1. Share the bike with one friend / Pulse teammate / wife / husband / teenage / whoever. Costs are: CHF200 per bike.
  1. Share the bike with two others. I will help to set up your bike team. Just tell me when you would prefer to bike. Chf 75/person


To Book:

To book this, please send an email to preislers@gmail.com which of the options you would like. All bookings are fixed and payment will be due soon. Kindly get back to Pulse before September 12th. Once we have all the bookings we will try to reserve bikes next to each other.



Its for Charity:

This is a charity marathon and money will be raised for Just4Smiles http://www.just4smiles.ch.

To read more about the event please visit: http://www.sundays-cycling.com


Cant wait to see you all there! 

The Pulse Team 


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