Enjoy Menopause with the right Nutrition & Physical Activity

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What happens ?

Menopause occurs in women from as early age as 40 but is most common from the age of 48 & up.

What happens is that the production of the female hormones estrogen & progesterone decreases. This causes several changes in our bodies of which some are;

  • decrease in thyroid production resulting in weight increase (primarily from fat)
  • Increased insuline senistivity, making it harder to keep your weight
  • Decrease in bone density with risk of osteoporosis
  • Decrease in muscle mass (natural aging)
  • Decreased production of collagen (skin elasticity decreases)
  • Decreased oxygenation of cells
  • Increased risk of hormon dependant cancers
  • Increased risk of depression

Yes it doesn’t sound great right ? But it is inevitable that many of these changes will occur within our bodies regardless if we want them to or not. The good thing is that YOU can do something about it!


The Right Nutrition



  • eat more fibres (helps you keep your weight & makes your body less sensitive to insuline)
  • eat more broccoli, kale, brussel sprouts & cabbage
  • drink low sugar grenadine juice (antioxidants, B-vitamin
  • add 1 tsp linsseed oil daily to your food (contains antioxidants & high level of omega 3)
  • add promegranate to your water, salad or smoothie
  • limit intake of alcohol & fast carbs like white flour, pasta, white rice.
  • Decrease consumption of milk products in favour of soja based products like tofu, miso & tempeh (and almond milk is an excellent replacement for cow milk)
  • Vitamin & mineral supplements especially Vitamin D, B12 & E, Calcium, Magnesium & Iron. (calcium for strong bones & D to help absorb the calcium, E for your skin)


The Right Physical Activity

Cardio vascular training 3 x/week (30min+)

Ex: cycling/spinning, running, interval training, cross country skiing. All raises your heartrate which leads to a stronger heart, improves blood circulation & is a good way to burn excess calories.

Resistance Training 3 x /week (20 min+)



Using your own bodyweight and /or free weights for exercises such as squats, lunges, plank, pushups, dips etc. Improves bone density & muscle mass, decreases risk of injury, increases support for your joints, improves metabolism as muscles are the only tissue that burn energy in your body.

Plus all physical activity produces the hormon Serotonine also called „the feel good hormone“, counter acting depression or foul moods and instead making you happy!

Change your eating habits & your way of life now and look forward to a wonderful life as a woman also after 48J



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